For Folks who like it


Our hashish was created with a very specific result in mind. We wanted to recreate the classic taste and feel of hashish: smooth, spicy and soft.

Inspired by the afghan methods, we combined tradition and science to create a modern version of hashish. Our products are specially designed for connoisseurs who seek an authentic experience, like back in the days.

A classic


Our artisans combine traditional methods with modern science to come up with a unique recipe. The result is a rich and tasty hashish with the ideal texture.

Starting material

First, we carefully choose the genetics of our flowers. We are looking for varieties with interesting aromas and good resin production capacity. Once harvested, the flowers are dried and flash frozen to preserve the trichomes.

Kief extraction

The automated dry sieving method is then used to separate the trichomes from the rest of the dried flower, creating Kief.

Hasch Pressing

Finally, we work the kief by assembling it until the perfect texture and potency is obtained.

A sublime texture and taste

This hashish is reminiscent of the traditionally spicy and rich taste. Dark on the outside, we discover a lighter brown interior. Its texture is malleable with a perfect humidity level.

An energizing punch with a fruity flavor

Mandarin Cookies is a sativa dominant hybrid. The effects are stimulating and energetic. The pine cone-shaped flowers are bright green with purple hues and dark orange pistils. The scent is fruity but tangy, with comforting earthy undertones as well.